DRIPSEAL-RP-66 (Retardent Plasticiser)
DRIPSEAL-RP-66 is cement plasticiser with
slight initial set retarding effect. To increase
the workability, use of excessive water
in concrete is normal practice. Excessive
water causes higher shrinkage cracks.
So the use of DRIPSEAL-RP-66 is
recommended as it reduces water
cement ratio upto 20% and increase
the workability, which ultimately
reduces shrinkage crack.


        Improves workability.
        Reduces water cement ratio upto 20% with dose of 200 grams per bag of  cement.
        Reduces shrinkage crack due to water reduction.
        Makes the concrete dense and reduces voids.
        Increases ultimate strength.
        Reduces permeability of concrete.
        Improves the surface finish of concrete.
        Reduces bleeding and segregation of concrete.
        Easy & speedy placing and compaction.
        It is chloride and sulphate free.